Plans for the Development of Phase 3A

An amended Master Plan for 228 acres of undeveloped land southwest of Capitol High school will soon be submitted to the City of Santa Fe. Click here for a more detailed overview . . .

Public Input

Over ___ participants attended four public meetings in 2019 to give input on their hopes and concerns for the development of Phase 3A. Click here to see the feedback from an April 2019 pre-planning public meeting, 3 meetings in November 2019, and feedback surveys conducted online and door-to-door in TC.

Land Use Plan

To see a larger scale version of each of the maps illustrating the Land Use Plan, click any of the thumbnails to the right.  For a detailed explanation of the maps, click here.

Design Standards

The proposed design standards for Phase 3A are based largely on the standards for Phase 2, which is nearly completed. Based on public input, some roads will be wider and shared driveways will be prohibited. Click here for a summary and more details on the standards. 

Traffic Study

Tierra Contenta Corporation engaged Walker Engineering of Santa Fe to complete a traffic study for Phase 3A. The study recommends additional traffic controls at Jaguar Drive at a certain stage of completion, and an added turning lane as the development reaches completion.  For more details and to view or download a copy, click here.