The nonprofit Tierra Contenta Corporation Prepares to submit its expansion plans

An amended Master Plan for 228 acres of undeveloped land southwest of Capitol High school will soon be submitted to the City of Santa Fe. It calls for:

  • A maximum of 1,167 dwelling units—80 fewer than in the previous plan due to the goal of preserving more open space and avoiding mass grading.
  • 3.4 acres of land reserved for commercial uses such as a grocery store, and public facilities uses such as rec centers for children and teens
  • 10% of the land for an elementary school and major roads.

Click here for more details about the Land Use maps.

Click here for details about public input on the expansion plans


What are the hopes and concerns of Tierra Contenta and City Residents for Phase 3A?

Four public information meetings were held to gather feedback on hopes and concerns for the development of Phase 3A. Much concern was expressed about planning for added traffic and preserving open space.  Participants strongly voiced a desire for a small grocery store, a coffee shop/restaurant, multiple small parks, and more trails. Regarding Tierra Contenta’s affordability requirements for new homes, 85% of TC residents surveyed said they worked well or very well. For affordable rental housing, 80% supported the TC policies.  

Click here to find out about feedback from an April 2019 pre-planning public meeting, 3 meetings in November 2019, and feedback surveys conducted online and door-to-door in TC.